Soluto 1.3.1323.0

Make your computer boot faster


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Offer information about each process
  • Keeps a history of boot-up times
  • Nicely designed interface


  • Not documented


Soluto is presented as “anti-frustration software”, and it really helps getting rid of frustration – at least the frustration of having to wait while rebooting your PC.

With Soluto you can improve the computer’s start-up time by removing unnecessary applications from the system’s boot-up sequence. But don’t let these technological terms scare you away: Soluto is, in fact, the easiest, simplest start-up analyzer we’ve ever seen.

After installing it, all you need to do to use Soluto is restart your system. The program calculates the time your system takes to boot up completely, and shows you a colorful, animated report divided into three main areas: required components that can’t be removed (in gray), potentially removable components (in orange) and programs you can easily get rid of (in green).

Soluto then gives you two options: either delay the program – that is, running it after boot – or pause the program completely – in other words, running it manually when you need it, not on system start-up. All the graphics, windows and menus in Soluto are nicely animated and feature a clear, minimalist design.

The program also displays as much information about each process as possible, as long as it’s available – though this is not always the case. The only drawback to Soluto, if any, is the lack of any kind of documentation.

Soluto is an excellent system start-up monitor and optimizer that can help you improve the computer’s boot-up time.

Please bear in mind that Soluto has changed its business strategy and the application you are downloading is no longer supported.


  • Please bear in mind that Soluto has changed its business strategy and the application you are downloading is no longer supported.


Soluto 1.3.1323.0

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